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Welcome to the Blazin' Cajun Mounted Shooter's Website!

Cowboy mounted shooting is today’s fastest growing equine sport and the Cowboy Mounted Shooting Association (CMSA) is the sport's largest organization. If you are seeking a new challenge with lots of excitement and as much competition as you want, you've come to the right place!

The Blazin' Cajun Mounted Shooter's club is dedicated to promoting mounted shooting throughout the state of Louisiana. Cowboy mounted shooting and our club emphasize gun and horse safety, family participation, fun, sportsmanship and respect for our horses and other competitors.

CMSA has over 10,000 members nationally and internationally. There are 6  levels of competition and all members begin at level 1 and work their way up based on wins. Within the levels, there are classes for women, men, senior women, and senior men. There are also classes for children (Wranglers), but they don't shoot guns off of the horses.

Please enjoy browsing our website. You may also go to the  Cowboy Mounted Shooting Association  website for more information about the association. Make sure you check out our  Events & Results page for upcoming Blazin' Cajun Mounted Shooters events and take a look around our  Video  and Photo Gallery  pages to get a glimpse of  this equine sport.

For any inquiries regarding getting started, our club, CMSA or any of our events Contact Us . Thank you, enjoy and we hope to see you down the trail…..  

Blazin Cajun Mounted Shooters
301 Cocodril Rd
Scott, Louisiana 70583
337 945 2016

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